PKKMB D4 Study Program for Business and Professional Communication UPN “Veteran” Jawa Timur More Exciting and Fun

PKKMB UPN "Veteran" Jawa Timur.

PKKMB (Introduction to New Student Campus Life) or formerly known as OSPEK (Study Orientation and Campus Introduction). A thing that is not foreign to the new students. This activity was carried out by all universities in Indonesia.

The purpose of this PKKMB is to provide students with knowledge about life around campus. In addition to introducing and preparing students themselves in the transition process from high school to the world of lectures so that they are better prepared.

PKKMB is of course obligatory and important, because the aim of PKKMB itself can be a provision for new students to face the world of lectures.

Bacaan Lainnya

PKKMB UPN “Veteran” East Java will take place in August 2023. On August 18-August 25, 2023 to be precise. Starting from the University PKKMB, Faculties and Study Programs. Of course, each faculty and study program (study program) has different dates and different conditions.

One of them is FISTATION 2023 which is the PKKMB of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. FISTATION 2023 certainly has its proud tagline, namely “Build and Raise Your FISIP Soul!”.

FISTATION 2023 will be held for 3 days, the first day will be held on 18 August 2023, while the 2nd day will be held on 21 August 2023, and the last day will be on 22 August 2023.

FISTATION 2023 provides a rewarding and valuable experience. We can also get lots of new friends, we can exchange ideas, can train cohesiveness and work in teams, and train us to think critically. FISIP certainly trains its students to think critically because FISIP itself focuses on social and political sciences.

Many of us have the expectation that OSPEK/ now called PKKMB is scary or scary. Maybe because I heard from several stories that during these activities a lot of people got angry or were that strict. But it turns out my friends, PKKMB isn’t that scary!! It was really exciting at that time! Truly unforgettable moments, especially FISTATION 2023!

The study program also has its own PKKMB. One of them is the D4 English study program for business and professional communication which is a new study program at UPN “Veteran” East Java.

This study program studies English more deeply accompanied by communication skills as well as about business as well. The job prospects for graduates of this study program are quite diverse, there are many options, an example could be:

1. Editor/ Content Writer/ Content Creator

2. Edupreneurs/ Entrepreneurs

3. Staff of export & import, administration and marketing office

4. Public relations office

5. Journalist

6. Translator/ Interpreter

7. Tour Guides and Travel Agents

This study program is certainly different from English literature. Judging from the name of the study program itself is different. If it’s English literature, the job prospects might be to become a teacher or lecturer.

But if the D4 English study program for business and professional communication has lots of job prospects. Even though it is relatively new, this study program has good accreditation.

PKKMB English D4 study program for business and professional communication lasts for 2 days. The PKKMB for this study program is indeed different from other study programs, because the PKKMB for this study program is carried out by lecturers who teach with the help of seniors to guide the event.

The first day will take place on August 23, 2023 and the second day will take place on August 24, 2023. This PKKMB only lasts for two days, unlike other study programs. Even though the PKKMB was carried out directly by the teaching lecturers, this event could be considered relaxed and fun.

During the event, there was an introductory session for bispro lecturers which was of course fun. There are sessions on ethics, motivation, and of course there is also ice breaking which guided by seniors which is of course also very fun.

The session that was explained was also quite useful for new BISPRO 2023 students. There are lots of important points that can be taken in living campus life, especially in this English study program for business and professional communication.

PKKMB UPN “Veteran” East Java provides a lot of provisions for new students in living life on campus. Starting from the University’s PKKMB to study programs, there are many important points that have been described that provide benefits for new UPN “Veteran” East Java students.

By holding this PKKMB, new students can understand how to deal with the world of lectures. Not only that, new students can also learn a lot from the implementation of PKKMB.

By participating in PKKMB from the University, new students can get to know more about the campus itself, namely UPN “Veteran” East Java. If PKKMB is from the faculty, new students will understand and know more about the faculty. Can understand what organizations are in the faculty and other things.

PKKMB from this study program introduces new students to the study program itself, what to learn about it, what field to focus on, job prospects and so on.

So new students who take part in the PKKMB program will understand and understand much more, because the transition from high school to college is a difficult and very different transition. Therefore it is important and mandatory to take part in this PKKMB event.

1. Farah Putri Insyira Abidan
2. Cyrila Tabina Dara Valencya
3. Adinda Deviana
4. Salsabila Yoga Wahyuningtyas
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