A Night Owl: Stay Up Late Is Not A Good Choice

A night owl choice

Are you the type of person who always stays up late at night? Either finish your essays or play your favorite FPS (First Person Shooter) game on your computer? You may have known the term “a night owl,” which is a person who tends to stay up until late at night or the early hours of the morning. Did you know that staying up late is bad and causes problems in your life? To learn more about it, here are some explanations to convince you as a night owl.

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1. Being A Night Owl Can Develop Chronic Health Issues 

2. Your Sleep Cycle Will be Scrambled

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3. Mental Health Is Highly Affected

4. What Should You Do to Survive as A Night Owl?

1. Being A Night Owl Can Develop Chronic Health Issues 

Recent studies from health researchers show that people who identified as evening people or night owls are more at risk for developing killer diseases when compared with individuals who identified as morning people or early birds. Being a night owl can decrease the immune system inside our body.

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When a person is constantly staying up late, they may have heart disease, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, metabolic disorder, asthma, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and other possible diseases. People who have less sleep will shorten their life expectancy and lead to the end of their lives forever or death because their unhealthy lifestyles damage their health. Sleeping habit is the number one factor.

2. Your Sleep Cycle Will be Scrambled

According to Dr. Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., a Medical Advisor at the University of Nevada, she explains that “Staying up very late disrupts the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, which can affect a person’s mental functioning and energy levels the next day. Frequently staying up all night may lead to sleep problems and can have long-term effects on health.”

We may carry over into an unhealthy sleep schedule if we are repeatedly staying up late at night because our minds control ourselves and set up the times in our brains to keep changing them again and again. A person who is not having a good night’s sleep added with uncontrolled caffeine consumption such as coffee, tea, and a diet program may experience extreme fatigue or exhaustion and other disturbances for their sleep habit. This problem can affect their daily life activities at home, at work, at school, and anywhere they are.

3. Mental Health Is Highly Affected

Psychologist researchers state that a person with a bad sleeping habit may experience emotional instability that will make them feel negative and unmotivated throughout the day because of the over-tiredness or the lack of energy. The common mental health symptoms that a person can feel are anxiety and depression, which excess worry and fear make it harder to fall or stay asleep throughout the night.

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Some other symptoms that could happen to a person’s mental health are poor cognitive functioning, mood swings, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The major problems that could happen to a person are sleep disorders such as sleep deprivation, insufficiency or sleeplessness, sleep apnea syndrome, and insomnia.

4. What Should You Do to Survive as A Night Owl?

  • Manage yourself to have a right bedtime

The best way to have a good night’s sleep is to change your sleeping habit. You can set up a reminder to help you keep on track. It is recommended to go to bed at 10 p.m.

  • Morning wake up call is important

Everyone can wake up anytime in the morning. But, some suggest that waking up at the same time is life-changing. Help yourself by setting up an alarm with a good and light ringtone. 

  • No gadgets before sleep

People constantly use their phones or computers before bed. This issue is affecting your sleeping habit. Make sure to mute your gadgets or put them on airplane mode to stop noisy incoming notifications that prevent your sleep activity.

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  • Choose healthy lifestyles and avoid harmful things

You can do things to gain your healthy bar, such as exercise regularly, eat vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, or you can even watch your favorite movies or tv shows, read novels, listen to pop songs, and so on. Try to consume less caffeine, cut off cigarettes, and quit eating junk foods.

  • Medical issues are red alarm

It is not okay to keep yourself locked up in a vulnerable situation. Our habit affects our daily life. Seek medical attention if your health is at risk.

Mathew Gerrit Turang
Natalie Masoko
Students of English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Sam Ratulangi University

Editor: Diana Pratiwi

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