The Women Who Become Expressive Feminists and Fangirls

Feminists and Fangirls

The women who become expressive feminists and fangirls are often seen as evil because of the patriarchal society’s stigma about women. The view of patriarchal society about women is described as gentle and unable to fight. So that if women speak up, can fight, fierce, and express their existence, they will be considered as women who come out of their natures. This view of a patriarchal society makes women always afraid to communicate and do something they want, such as being expressive feminists and fangirls.

Feminists are people who fight for gender equality in economic, political, and social aspects. Feminists, in the view of patriarchal society, are a group of women who want to against and dominate men. This view is wrong because the goal of feminists is gender equality, especially for women. Women are often marginalized, experience discrimination, and gain sexual violence. Women who become feminists often get nasty comments because they are vocal in expressing injustice. According to a patriarchal society, this is wrong because women are better off staying still and at home. It is the various experiences of women that encourage feminism.

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Fangirls are a group of women who idolize a person or group of people. In the view of society, fangirls often get a negative stigma. Where fangirls are defined as a group of aggressive women who are very expressive towards their idols, they are considered judging, shouting, and even attacking others to defend their models who get nasty comments. The view of society is again cornering women. This can be seen if women who become fangirls are considered wrong because women have a gentle nature according to patriarchal society. That view also makes women afraid and even reluctant to show that she is a fangirl.

Being an expressive feminist and fangirl is very difficult. Why is that? Because women who become feminists are often considered women who are not by nature, especially if feminists doubles as expressive fangirl. They usually get words and deeds that are not pleasant from other people. Only because they are not women who are by the views of the patriarchal society, namely to have a voice and to like something. They are alienated and are considered not “women in general.” The perspective of the patriarchal society about expressive feminists and fangirls women, women are cornered and find it difficult to be themselves safely and comfortably.

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For all women, it is okay to be an expressive feminist and fangirl because if that can make a woman who she is and that makes her a powerful woman, go for it! Women have the right to their own life. No one else can disturb their happiness, including the view of patriarchal society, as long as that activity is positive for women to do. Women can fight injustice, and women can go crazy, scream, and be expressive of something they like in this matter of fangirling. Wouldn’t it feel unfair if women continued not to have space and freedom in determining their desires?

Annisa Aisya Lutvia
Mahasiswa Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Universitas Indraprasta PGRI

Editor: Diana Pratiwi

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